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Annual Fund

Introducing the 2013-2014 Annual Fund Campaign
The 2013-2014 Annual Fund Campaign is well underway. This year's campaign is being led by Mary and Edward Rotenberg '79. The Rotenberg's have a long history with Episcopal, with Edward graduating in 1979. All three of their boys, Weldon '14, Samuel '16 and Elliott '18 currently attend EHS. 
Mary and Edward have an outstanding team of volunteers laying the groundwork to ensure the strong tradition of annual giving continues at Episcopal. We are grateful for everyone's participation in this important effort.

All In A Knight's Day
At Episcopal our Annual Fund Campaign donors make all the difference. Episcopal is not a full-cost tuition school, which means tuition and fees do not fully pay for the cost of educating each student. If this were the case, we would need to charge $1,389 more per student – what we call “the gap” to meet our budgeted expenses. To help offset this difference, contributions to the Annual Fund Campaign provide the school with current operating support, and this year will also help advance our plans to enhance digital resources throughout the school.
Our 2013-2014 Annual Fund Campaign goal is $800,000 -- $650,000 will be designated for general operating support and $150,000 will be directed toward digital resources.
Operating Support
General operating support provides for current operations and is the foundation for philanthropy at Episcopal. These funds support the people and programs which make the Episcopal school experience so unique, such as talented faculty and staff members, small class sizes, outstanding curriculum resources and exceptional offerings in everything from the arts to athletics.
Digital Resources
At Episcopal, we approach the use of digital resources as necessary building blocks in our student’s futures as well as an extremely useful tool which reaches all types of learners. The world itself is ever changing, and Episcopal needs the resources to continue providing an exceptional education in this environment.

Just as textbooks were once the primary tools of learning, technology has become the tool of choice for modern teaching and learning. Enhancing our digital resources will:
  • Offer students new ways of learning, paving the way for profound differences for how faculty and students interact with one another on a daily basis
  • Promote active problem solving and fosters creativity in the classroom
  • Make classes multi-disciplinary
  • Engage students in different ways in the learning process
  • Close achievement gaps
  • Prepare students for what lies ahead when they embark on their college careers
To make an online pledge or contribution to the 2013-2014 Annual Fund Campaign, click here.
To print a copy of the 2013-2014 Annual Fund Campaign pledge form to complete and mail to Episcopal, click here. Our mailing address is 3200 Woodland Ridge Blvd., Baton Rouge, LA 70816.

If you have any questions about the Annual Fund Campaign, please contact Dee Harvill, Director of Development at 225.755.2712 or via e-mail at
2013-2014 Annual Fund Committee

Annual Fund Campaign Chairs
Mary & Edward Rotenberg '79
Board of Trustees Campaign Chairs
Chris Harrell & Jay Noland '89
Alumni Division Chair Karen Feigley '72
Parents of Alumni Division Chairs
Pam & Mark Goodner
Grandparent Division Chairs
Anne and Al Rotenberg
New Families Division Chairs DeAnne and Mills Murrey
Leadership Donor Team
Linda Clark, Tom D'Armond '85, Scott Folse '81,
Jennifer Gregoire, Jeanne James, Jay Noland '89,
Linda & Mark Posner, Steve Rotenberg '83
Development Committee Chair Jay Noland '89
Division Chair (Pre-K to Grade 2)
Leah Duval
Deborah & Patrick Edwards
Angie & Max Huff
1st Grade
Charles Barney '86
2nd Grade
Tarra & Doug Clark
Division Chair (Grades 3 to 5)
Mary Sue Knight
3rd Grade
Charlene Thompson
4th Grade
Jodi Safer
5th Grade
Ana Soonthornsima
Division Chair (Middle School)
Martha Singletary
6th Grade
Meggie Collier '83
7th Grade
Robin Patty
8th Grade
Sharon Barksdale
Division Chair (Upper School)
Michele Williams
9th Grade
Suzy Baldwin
10th Grade
Brigette Castine
11th Grade
Sandy Sadler
12th Grade
Robin Kilpatrick '79
Faculty and Staff Chairs
Lower School
Casey Burley & Heather Harpole
Middle School
Eddie Cole
Upper School
Stephen Anderson '02
Jewel Reuter
It’s All About Family And Tradition At Episcopal
Please click here to read a letter from
Mary & Edward Rotenberg ’79,
2013-2014 Annual Fund Campaign Chairs.
$25,000 and above







Gifts up to $249

Gifts of $100 or more
(Classes 2004-2013)

All donors at the Associates' level and above will receive an invitation to the Associates' Dinner in 2014.
Frequently Asked Questions
Why does EHS ask for philanthropic support in addition to tuition and fees?
Tuition doesn’t cover the full cost of educating each student, and gifts from the EHS community help make up the difference. The gap of $1.29 million, or about $1,389 per student, is filled by contributions to the Annual Fund Campaign and other fundraising initiatives, as well as income from the endowment. EHS relies on the generosity of its current families, parents of alumni, grandparents, alumni and friends to ensure Episcopal remains an extraordinary place for exceptional students.

Why doesn’t the Board of Trustees set tuition to cover all costs and eliminate the Annual Fund Campaign?
EHS trustees and administrators recognize the sacrifices that families make to offer their children a high-quality education and strive to keep tuition costs as low as possible. If tuition were raised to meet all of the school’s needs, each family would pay a considerable amount more per year. This would result in smaller enrollment and a cutback in programs.
Strong independent schools leverage charitable donations to extend and improve programing. EHS is an incorporated nonprofit organization so it can seek charitable contributions. Annual Fund Campaign gifts are tax-deductible; tuition, of course, is not—this is a benefit to our families.

Q. Why is it important for everyone to contribute to the Annual Fund Campaign?
A. The Annual Fund Campaign provides funds for current operations and is the foundation for philanthropy at EHS. Your contribution supports the people and programs which make the EHS school experience so special, such as talented faculty and staff, small class sizes, outstanding curriculum resources and exceptional offerings in everything from the arts to athletics.

In addition, strong participation in the Annual Fund Campaign demonstrates confidence in the school's mission and may influence outside sources of funding. Foundations, corporations and individual philanthropists all consider participation in the Annual Fund Campaign when deciding where and how to invest their resources.

How do I know how much to give?
We ask our community members to support the Annual Fund Campaign to the best of their ability. If everyone gives to the best of their ability, we will more than exceed our goal for this year. We hope you will thoughtfully consider what is best for your household – placing EHS near the top of your philanthropic priorities – and choose to give at that level.

Q. Are Annual Fund Campaign contributions tax-deductible?
A. Yes. All contributions to the Annual Fund Campaign are 100% tax-deductible.

Q. What is the timeframe that pledges can be paid?
Annual Fund Campaign pledges can be paid through June 30, 2014.

Q. How can contributions be made?
Contributions to the Annual Fund Campaign can be made via cash, check, credit cards or stock. Online giving is available at

Q. Does EHS accept matching gifts?
A. Yes! You may be able to double or even triple your contribution to Episcopal if you and/or your spouse are employed by a company with a Matching Gifts Program. For gifts that are matched you are given credit for the full amount. Please check with your company for the required form and send with your gift.

Q. What if I can't make a large contribution?
A. Participation is critical to our campaign success! Whatever the size of your gift, it will make a difference. Every gift is an important and meaningful investment in our school and students.