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Why the Arts?
The Arts at Episcopal are an integral part of the student experience. We believe that creativity, expression, and artistic discipline are skills that prepare our students for lives of meaning.  When we are aware of the beauty around us, we begin to feel empathy for others, learn to communicate our own feelings, and grow in our common humanity.  We invite you to see the difference a strong artistic foundation can make in the life of your child.

Arts Faculty and Staff
Jason Hubbard
Associate Head of School for Arts, Technology, Marketing, and Communications
(225) 753-3180 x 1467
Year Appointed: 2003

Shawn Halliday
Visual and Performing Arts Department Chair
(225) 753-3180 x 1471
Year Appointed: 2006

Paige Gagliano
Performing Arts Director
Year Appointed: 2014

Patricia Delony
Lower School Music
225-753-3180 ext1185
Year Appointed: 2014

Louis Gagliano
Technical Director
(225) 753-3180 x 1466
Year Appointed: 2014

Jennifer Keith
LS Art
225-753-3180 ext. 1473
Year Appointed: 2008

Russell Roper
Fine Arts & Visual Arts
(225) 753-3180 x 1474
Year Appointed: 1999

William Smith
Director of Choral Activities
Year Appointed: 2013

Nola Swanson
Piano Teacher
Year Appointed: 2012

Paul Taranto
Band Director, Instrumental Music
(225) 753-3180 x 1469
Year Appointed: 1998

Dianne Madden
Marketing/Public Relations Coordinator/Media Arts Teacher
Year Appointed: 2009

Kate Trepagnier
Upper School Art
(225) 753-3180 x 1472
Year Appointed: 1998

Roxi Victorian
Dance Instructor
Year Appointed: 2011