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Lower School

Episcopal Lower School maintains a stimulating and challenging program well-suited for children in a college preparatory day school. The aim of the curriculum is to instill a natural curiosity and a love of learning, the habit of daily individual study, a sense of responsibility for one's own work, and the central academic skills of writing clearly, of reading with comprehension, and of computing with facility and understanding.

Lower School, entry level for the majority of students, initiates the school's sequence of courses. The emphasis is on age-appropriate lessons and activities that enrich and inform younger students. The curriculum encourages an ability to manipulate, apply, and integrate knowledge and skills.

Classes combine teacher-directed instruction with group work promoting personal achievement and a spirit of cooperation. The program also stresses the development of self-discipline and independent work habits.

Lower School facilities, with library, computer center, and playground, contribute to a school-within-a-school atmosphere for younger students. The Greer Center provides a setting for drama classes and productions, morning meetings, and large group programs.

Students receive daily instruction in language arts, reading or literature, mathematics, science, and history/social studies. In addition, students each year take classes in foreign language, physical education, enrichment, and performing and visual arts.

2012-2013 Curriculum Guide