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Upper School

Episcopal's Upper School prepares students for the complex challenges of the future. Through a college-preparatory curriculum that requires a high level of student engagement with numerous opportunities in the arts, athletics and community service, students in grades 9 through 12 are encouraged to strive for excellence.

The heart of the Upper School curriculum requires critical thinking and independent and cooperative problem solving. A flexible schedule encourages hands-on learning that leads to a deeper understanding of course material. The Honor Code provides a foundation of trust between all members of the learning community.

The Upper School is characterized by small classes, with an average size of 15 students. A broad offering of AP courses allows students to also earn college credit while they devote themselves to learning for its own sake. A sampling of elective course choices range from Southern Writers, to Statistics, to Cold War Politics & Ideology, to Marine Biology.

In the advisory program, a group of students from grades 9-12 work closely with a faculty member throughout their Upper School years. Advisors know each student personally. The advisory groups meet regularly for academic planning, for discussions of community issues, or just for talk and good food. "Community" describes academic and social life at Episcopal.

College Counseling
Episcopal has a comprehensive college counseling program that begins in eighth grade and supports students along the way to selecting the college they will attend after graduation. Throughout their time at Episcopal, students discover and cultivate their strengths, grow as scholars and citizens, and enrich the school community and the world around them. The work of the three full-time college counselors is to help students understand how these different aspects of their lives shape the college search process and will inform their final decision on a college.  For more information, please visit the College Counseling website.