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Program Overview

Advancing Technology
At Episcopal, we recognize that technology should serve as a means to further understanding. We strive to use the latest advances in hardware and software to aid learning and instruction school-wide. As society continues to become more connected, we are dedicated to equipping our students with the resources they need to control their digital footprint, create original content, and contribute to the advancement of human knowledge.

Grades PK3-5
Students in Lower School regularly attend computer classes integrated into their daily schedules. Keyboarding, word-processing, multimedia authoring, research skills, Internet safety, file management, visual literacy, and basic troubleshooting are core skills integral to our K-5 curriculum. Each classroom is equipped with dedicated PCs and each teacher has access to the use of an iPad cart from the library.

Grades 6-8
In 2013 Episcopal piloted our first 1-1 iPad program in the 6th grade.  Upon successful completion, the middle school has moved to a 1-1 iPad program grades 6-8. Students use various apps to create and submit classwork. Middle school teachers have all been trained in the use of the iPad in the classroom and continue to expand their knowledge of mobile devices as a resource for teaching.

Grades 9-12
In Upper School, technology integration is present in all academic disciplines. Our students regularly use technology to create documentaries, write music, draw, interact with their teachers and peers, communicate with prospective colleges, research topics, understand other cultures. . . the list is endless. We stand ready to help students explore and discover the technology that best fits their learning pattern as they transition into college.
Aldrich and Pollard Libraries provide learning environments rich with technology and information resources: desktop computers, laptops, e-readers, tablets, scanners, digital cameras, digital projectors, books, magazines, newspapers, electronic databases, videos and DVDs are all part of the varied collection of resources available to students and faculty.

In addition to individual workstations, Aldrich houses three teaching labs that are accessible to Middle and Upper School students and faculty. Pollard Library has a computer lab for Lower School students and faculty as well. Two additional state-of-the-art labs, used for classroom instruction and media arts, are located in other buildings on campus.
Vision for the Future
The Episcopal technology department is dedicated to maximizing our students’ futures through the development and mastery of 21st Century Skills. In addition to integrating technology when and where it best enhances learning, we strive to empower students to take responsibility for their own education ensuring that they will become lifelong learners.
Faculty and Staff
Jason Hubbard
Associate Head of School for Arts, Technology, Marketing, and Communications
Year Appointed: 2003

Michelle Chenevert
Academic Technology Support Specialist
Year Appointed: 2000

Brad Larpenter
Network Administrator
Year Appointed: 2008

Steven Latuso
Technology Support
Year Appointed: 2011

James McCrary
Academic Technology Coordinator
Year Appointed: 2013