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The religious goals of Episcopal include:
  • A desire for students to develop spiritually as part of their overall experience at the school
  • To impart a basic knowledge of the Christian scriptures and other aspects of the Christian faith
  • To provide opportunities to learn and to develop the knowledge and skills for making sound ethical decisions
Service Schedule
Lower School Chapel 
Lower school meets four days a week for worship at Morning Meeting in the Greer Center and once a week in the chapel. Lower School chapel includes a service led by Deacon Charles deGravelles and a homily by Father Ralph Howe. Morning meetings at 8:00 am on other weekdays include a short homily by Deacon Charles deGravelles.

Middle School Chapel
Monday and Thursdays at 9:50 A.M.

Upper School Chapel 
Wednesday and Friday at 9:50 A.M.

A celebration of the Holy Eucharist occurs twice a month for the Upper School, once a month for the Middle School, and about once a month for the third through fifth grades of the Lower School.

Chapel Staff
Kirkland Knight
Senior Chaplain/Associate Head for Character Development
(225) 755-2738
Year Appointed: 2011

Charles deGravelles
Associate Chaplain
(225) 753-3180 x 1475
Year Appointed: 2002