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Student Life

Episcopal High School’s mission and philosophy encompasses more than excellent academics in that development of the “whole child” to become a life-long learner as well as a productive citizen contributing to the greater community is our goal. In order to reach this goal, seeds of social responsibility, emotional stability, physical fitness, and spiritual belief are sown and nurtured through our emphasis on volunteerism, advisory program, clubs, sports, and chapel.

All grades stress character development. Character traits are introduced each month in Morning Meeting and advisory and developed through volunteerism. By learning social responsibility and developing a social conscience each student builds self-esteem, which in turn contributes to emotional stability and positive social action and interaction. Chapel re-enforces the moral and ethical aspects of character and spiritual development. Participation in physical education classes, sports and extra-curricular activities and clubs contributes to a student’s total wellbeing. In addition, the Upper School basis for student conduct is the Honor Code, administered by a student led Honor Council, which teaches self-governing and peer accountability.

Therefore the end product of student life at Episcopal is an emotionally balanced, confident student who understands the importance of social activism, personal physical and spiritual fitness, and one who practices ethical behavior in day-to-day life.