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Cope, Xing Tie on Pi Day Challenge

Episcopal students celebrated Pi Day through various activities on March 14. 
The Fifth Grade class, under the direction of Leslie Arceneaux, Math teacher, have been calculating Pi in their Math class and shared the significance of Pi along with various songs during Morning Meeting.   Ms. Arceneaux shared that Pi, whose Greek letter (π), is the symbol for the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter is written Pi = 3.14159. Aided by the use of computers, Pi has been calculated over a trillion digits past the decimal.
Lower School students, Madeleine Cope, Lindsay Landry, Tomohiro Niwano, and Julia Spell made a fine show against both Middle- and Upper-Schoolers in the school-wide Pi Memorization Contest, held on the Alumni House Deck after lunch time. Congratulations to Madeleine Cope who tied as Pi-Champ with Sarah Xing, Seventh grader, reciting about 115 digits of Pi! (3.1415926535897932384626 43383279502884197169399375105820974944592307
Leslie Arceneaux shared the significance of Pi as a ratio used to measure the diameter to the circumference of circles with Kaye Liles' First Grade class. As an illustration of the various sized-circles, the Fifth and First Graders teamed up to blow bubbles in a pie pan filled with water, paint and soap. The First Graders then touched art paper to the bubbles to create circle prints. Tthe Fifth Graders had as much fun with the Pi lesson as the first graders!
Concluding the Pi Day events was Upper School's Five Minute Pi eating contest with William Patrick '12, Tylor Harris '12, and Rocky Revard '15 as the contestants. Congratulations to William Patrick who received First Place by eating 3/4 of his pie! Rocky Revard took Second place enjoying 1/2 of his pie. A special thanks to the Senior Calculus classes who made the pies for the contest, ensuring fairness by making sure they were the same flavor and size--very rich chocolate pies with whipped cream. Since the Pi eating contest took place right after the pi memorization contest, there was quite a bit of anticipation built up.  
Throughout the day, students completed Pi-related lessons in their math class. Chef Pat joined in the Math day activities preparing and serving chocolate mousse mini-pies at lunch.
Pi Day events were coordinated by EHS math teachers in all divisions. Some slideshow photographs provided by Ainsley Pittman '12 and Accolade co-editor.
Pi Day

Fifth Grade Pi Songs
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