Did you know...

Since the early 1970s, Episcopal has enjoyed consistent and talented parent volunteer leadership in our school community through their roles in Squires and Parents Guild.

Parents Guild's early projects were significant and in the late 1980s donation records were tracked.  Since 1988, the Parents Guild has contributed more than ONE MILLION dollars to Episcopal, funding projects that enhance the quality of the educational experiences for their children.  Squires annually underwrites about $20k for projects our coaches prioritize to improve our students' athletic experiences.

This is the last of the 60 days of Good News messages.  You know that the "Good News" at Episcopal just keeps getting made every day.  You should know too that Episcopal's community is among the strongest and most gracious in the intergalactic space.  That is the Good News that will sustain us as we work together to keep the good times rolling.

Hugh McIntosh