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Join the Squires and help make Episcopal Athletics a Success!!

The Episcopal Squires Club is a service organization that supports the school's entire athletic program. Squire's members provide the extra support that helps make participation in Episcopal athletics an even more rewarding experience for our student athletes. The Squires fund "Spirit" activities for our students. They also provide special financial support for the 18 varsity sports, allowing coaches to purchase those items which enhance the athletic program but fall outside of the normal operating budget.


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Squires Membership Drive Kicks Off
As we finish one of the best athletic years in Episcopal's forty year history, we are already rallying for the upcoming year! Join us to show support for our student athletes as they take the field, track or court in the upcoming year by becoming a Squires member.

The Squires Club is a service organization consisting of parents, faculty, alumni and extended family members who provide that "extra" fan and financial support to our athletic department throughout the school year.

Squires sponsors "Spirit Day" for all our Upper School athletic teams throughout the year as well as hosts a member jambalaya dinner and organizes the entertaining "Thursday (or Friday) Nig ht Live" for the school community - all of which shows our fan based support for our athletes. The rest of the funds raised by Squires is used to purchase items for our athletic programs (items outside of the normal operating budget) to enhance our children's athletic experience. The majority of funds raised by Squires comes from our annual membership drive and we want to develop a large, active membership - so join today! 

SQUIRES MEMBERSHIP PASSES are not only great for your immediate family, but also for GRANDPARENTS  - so enroll early!
Enroll online with a credit card.  Received orders will take approximately 3-5 days to process and membership cards will be mailed within that time period. Episcopal signs can be picked up on Orientation Day at the Squires table.

Squires Membership Types:

Family Membership - $150.00
2 adult passes to all HOME athletic events & one Episcopal Knight yard sign

Individual Membership - $80.00
1 adult pass to all HOME athletic events & one Episcopal Knight yard sign

Faculty Spouse Membership - $50.00
1 adult pass to all HOME athletic events & one Episcopal Knight yard sign

Knight Yard Sign- $12.00

Note: All faculty, staff and students are admitted free of charge with ID to all HOME athletic events EXCEPT to any playoff games, tournaments, or away games. Also - Squires membership DOES NOT cover admission to any playoff games, tournaments, or away games.
Approved Wish List Items
2013 Approved Wish List Items

2012 Approved Wish List Items

2011 Approved Wish List Items

2010 Approved Wish List Items

2009 approved Wish List Items

2008 Approved Wish List Items
The Episcopal Squires Club Bylaws and Operating Procedures
Article1: Name

Article 2: Mission and Purpose

Article 3: Membership

Article 4: Officers and Administrative Structure

Article 5: Meetings

Article 6: The Wish Lists

Article 7: Committees

Article 8: Finances

Article 9: Ratifying and Amending Bylaws and Procedures
Board Members

2013-2014 Officers

President: Susan & Otey White

 Past President: Mary & Edward Rotenberg

Vice President/Treasurer: Shannan & Rob Rieger

Secretary: Suzy Baldwin

V. P. of Membership: Martha Singletary 

V. P. of Special Events: Linda Clark & Julie Folse

Squires Gear: Rachel Garrett & Teri D'Armond

Sports Program: Tammy Gaudin 

Faculty Liaison, Assistant to the AD: Renee Price