2011-2012 Foreign Language Department: Professional Strengths
Dear EHS Community,
“Energetic pleasantness” and professionalism are hallmarks of the Foreign Language department at Episcopal High School these days. They are a joyous, energetic, and entertaining group, for sure. They enjoy each other and they enjoy their time with students even more. As you will read in the heart of this letter, these teachers open the door to the world---both historically and currently---for Episcopal students through their love of their beautiful and practically important languages. I can only hope that you can pick up on the positive personalities of these very impressive educators as you read deeper into this letter.
Foreign Language Overview
Consisting of Latin, French, and Spanish, the Foreign Language department focuses on technology year-round. As a whole, teachers use interactive Smart Boards, facilitate problem-based learning, and use assessment as a tool to plan meaningful instruction. Foreign Language instruction happens as early as Kindergarten and moves up the ranks to AP courses in Upper School. Please read on to learn about the three distinct areas within Foreign Language: Latin, French, and Spanish.
Episcopal’s Latin Faculty
This year's 6th and 7th grade Latin classes are working with netbooks and, for the first time, are using a software program installed on their computers that works in conjunction with their Latin textbook, The Cambridge Latin Course. This textbook received a significant grant that allowed them to create corresponding interactive content through the software, such as interpretive shots portraying the book's characters, internet scavenger hunts, interactive practices, explanatory videos with a Latin teacher, etc. The students have been enjoying using the software immensely. 7th grade students in Ms. Roy's class are using "Jing," a screen capture program, to begin gathering pictures for their Hades' Haunted House project. The students use those pictures to produce web presentations ("Prezies") about famous characters from the Roman underworld. After teaching their classmates about their chosen characters, students will portray these characters in a haunted house to scare their 6th grade Latin counterparts! ROMA club (6th and 7th grade Latin Club) meets once a month and just held their first event last week.
In other exciting news, the Latin department is offering a trip to Rome and Pompeii over Mardi Gras holiday vacation to current and former Latin students and their parents. The Junior Classical League (Latin Club for 8th grade and Upper School students) will attend a meeting in October and convention in March where they will compete with schools from across the state in academics, arts, and athletics. The Minimus Club (Lower School Latin Club) recently held its first meeting.
Both Nathalie Roy and Alexis Landry attended the Latin AP Institute at EHS over the summer. Read on to learn more about these two professionals who make up this facet of the department.
 "Let us think of education as the means of developing our greatest abilities, because in each of us there is a private hope and dream which, fulfilled, can be translated into benefit for everyone and greater strength of the nation.” – John F. Kennedy
Ms. Roy, who teaches Latin in the Middle School (Latin 6, Latin 7, and 8th grade Latin I), has begun her 18th year at EHS. In addition to teaching, she serves as Department Chair and is involved in 6th and 7th grade ROMA Club (Romans of the Modern Age). Ms. Roy holds a B.A. and M.A. in Latin/Ancient Greek from LSU. She has also studied in archaeological programs in Italy and Greece. She looks forward to maximizing the interactivity of her Smart Board and using a new text with 8th grade Latin students this year.
“Bene legere saecla vincere” (“To read well is to conquer the ages.”)
A 1995 EHS graduate herself, Ms. Landry is beginning her 10th year as a faculty member! She teaches across all three divisions, including 4th grade Latin, 5th grade Latin, Latin I, II, and III (grades 8-12), and AP Latin: Vergil (11th grade). Ms. Landry received a B.A. in French/Classics from Middlebury College and an M.A.T in Latin and Classical Humanities from the University of Massachusetts. She is the Lower School Latin Club Sponsor and Upper School Latin Club Sponsor. Ms. Landry is excited to begin using a new curriculum in Latin I that directs students to learn Latin through reading it first and making discoveries about the language for themselves.
Episcopal's French Faculty
French is flourishing in Lower School with the creation of the French Fries Club this year. Mademoiselle Richards held the first club meeting this week and aims to provide opportunities for students to participate in cultural events and activities beyond the thirty minute club period. Lower School students will also compete against other students across the nation during the National French Exam in April. Building language skills while having fun is of top priority to French teachers, Mlle Blair Richards and Mlle Beth Lemoine!
In Upper School French courses, students are being offered leadership opportunities to promote French in our school, city, state, and community. Mlle Richards plans to invite students to community events, such as French conversation tables at La Madeleine restaurant, Cajun festivals, Alliance Francaise of Baton Rouge events, Festival International, among others. With at least two to three French events each month in Baton Rouge, students have many opportunities to apply their studies to community experiences. Already this year, French students participated in service-learning by visiting Sherwood Rehabilitation Center to visit with elderly Cajun residents who wanted an opportunity to speak French. The French Club plans to continue opportunities for student leadership.
"The future will be what you make of it."
Mademoiselle Lemoine teaches 6th, 7th, and 8th grade French, as well as French III and French AP. She holds a B.A. from the University of New Orleans and an M.A. from LSU. Her daughter, Chloe, is a 3rd grade student in Ms. Shoemaker's class. In addition to classroom teaching, Mlle Lemoine is the Middle School French Club sponsor, Quebec trip coordinator, and exchange co-coordinator. French I students are very excited about their trip to Quebec, while French III students are looking forward to their exchange with Ecole Saint Martin in France. Mlle Lemoine is happy to be back teaching Middle School classes after a two-year absence from the division! This is her 17th year at EHS.
"If you want to build a ship, don't find people to collect wood and assign tasks and meaningless work. Instead, teach them to long for the immensity of the sea." - Antoine de St. Exupery
Mademoiselle Richards teaches 4th and 5th grade French, French II Honors (9th grade), French II (9th grade), French IV (11th grade), and French V (12th grade). She is the Lower and Upper School French Club sponsor and coordinates the French Exchange Program to Pontoise, France. Mlle Richards has a B.A. in French and Education from Queens University of Charlotte in Charlotte, North Carolina. This year begins her third at EHS, and she is particularly excited about upcoming service-learning projects, continuing the use of authentic materials to teach grammatical concepts (such as current songs, films, and magazines), and showing students French "in action" on the exchange trip during Mardi Gras holiday. As her quotation above implies, Mlle Richards is looking forward to helping students long for the immensity of the sea, which, in her classroom, is French!
Episcopal's Spanish Faculty
The Spanish program extends from Kindergarten to 12th grade! Lower School Spanish faculty, Señoras Miriam Segovia and Carolina Ruiz, are enjoying incorporating technology into their Spanish lessons by using the Smart Board each day. Their students find the Smart Board to be interactive and fun. In addition to teaching the language, Sra. Segovia and Sra. Ruiz enjoy sharing Spanish culture with their students. Their students have also been given leadership opportunities. Sra. Segovia's 3rd grade student, James Peter Kelly, recently attended Doctora Alvarez's Spanish III class to read a story called "Rueda" (Wheel). This opportunity allowed James Peter to share his excellent reading and pronunciation skills, and Spanish III students were given the chance to appreciate his courage and effort, while also reflecting on their own Spanish learning process. The Spanish faculty hopes that this experience will be just the beginning of a relationship between Spanish students across divisions. An upcoming project in the works includes Upper School Spanish students reading fairytales and short stories to Lower School Spanish classes.
In addition, all Spanish classes are engaged in active learning activities where team work is encouraged and promoted. The faculty enjoys fully integrating technology into their classroom learning this year, which has allowed for enthusiastic and engaged EHS students!
"If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together." - African Proverb
Doctora Alvarez is beginning her second year at EHS. Last year, she was a part of the Middle School division, while this year she is a part of the Upper School division. She teaches Spanish II Honors (9th grade), Spanish III and Spanish III Honors (9th-12th grade), Spanish IV (11th grade), Spanish V (12th grade), and AP Spanish (11th-12th grade). Dra. Alvarez is from Barcelona, Spain, and moved to the U.S. in 2008. She came to LSU intending to stay for six months to research for ther Ph.D., but met her husband and has remained in Baton Rouge ever since! She has earned a B.A. and M.A. in Pedagogy (Educational Sciences) and Ph.D. in Education from the Autonomous University of Barcelona, Spain. In addition to teaching, she is the sponsor of the Upper School Spanish Club.
"Every dream starts with a teacher who believes in you, who suggests rather than demands."

Señora Clouatre ("Clue Ott") teaches 6th and 7th grade Spanish. She received a B.A. from the University of Puerto Rico de Bayamon. Sra. Clouatre most recently taught at St. Joseph's Academy, although she taught at Episcopal from 1996-1999 and again from 2003-2005. The energy, compassion, and professionalism she brings to the classroom are legendary, and we are excited to welcome her back to EHS!
“Those who trust us educate us.” T.S. Eliot

Señor Ramos teaches Spanish I to 8th grade students and Spanish II to 9th grade students. His advanced degree work from the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain, and Complutense University of Madrid, Spain, focuses on English Philogy, the study of the English language, history, and literature. In Spanish this year, students are using a new textbook that includes many new materials. The Middle School Spanish Club will host a Nacho Sale soon, and proceeds made at the sale will be contributed to a charity. Sr. Ramos has been a member of the EHS faculty for seven years.
“Teach a child how to think, NOT what to think.” – Sidney Sugarman

EHS and the Foreign Language Department welcomes Señora Carolina Ruiz! Although this is her first year at Episcopal, she begins her fourth year teaching and previously taught at Copper Mill Elementary in Zachary, LA. Sra. Ruiz has a B.S. from Florida International University and received her teaching certification from Southeastern Louisiana University. At EHS, Sra. Ruiz provides Spanish instruction to Kindergarten through 5th grade students.
“Excellence is doing ordinary things extraordinarily well.” – John W. Gardner
Señora Segovia provides Spanish education to the youngest students of EHS—Kindergarten through 5th grade. Prior to this year, Sra. Segovia taught 3rd through 5th grade Spanish. For the first time, she brings the Spanish program to Kindergarten, 1st, and 2nd grade. She has earned a B.A. in Education from the Universidad Nacional de San Antonio Abad del Cusco in Peru. She has since continued her studies at the University of New Orleans. Sra. Segovia, a Peruvian, has been at EHS for 10 years.
Next week, please look for the letter highlighting the vital role of the librarians, division counselors, college counselors, and school nurse!
Hugh M. McIntosh
Head of School
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